Wedding photo booth etiquette – Tips for your guests

A wedding photo booth invites guests to let loose and capture moments that will be cherished forever. But there are basic etiquette guests should follow so the photo booth runs smoothly and all get to participate. To help your wedding guests with proper photo booth behavior, here are some tips.

Wait patiently in line for your turn

The life of the party is at the photo booth, so expect a line and wait patiently for your turn. Resist budging ahead or photobombing others’ shots. If the booth is empty, limit your group to 4-6 people so others have a chance too. The standard turn is about 2-3 photos, so keep it moving. Having an attendant to manage the line and guests is helpful. Designate a trusted friend or family member to guide the queue and maintain time limits. Most importantly, avoid altercations over photo booth usage – this is supposed to be a fun element!

Mind your appearance and clothing

While photo booths inspire silliness, be conscientious of your appearance out of respect for the couple. Save overly crazy antics and risqué poses for the dance floor instead. Adjust clothing after each round and watch for unwanted wardrobe malfunctions in the pictures. Use common sense – you probably don’t want photos of yourself double fisting drinks in the bride’s cherished photo album! Take some time to impress the couple with your photo booth moments so that they can cherish them in the future.

Add props to get creative, but don’t walk off with them

The props are there to enhance your photos, so dive in! Add goofy hats, masks, boas, signs, or other fun accessories to make your photos pop. But return props to the booth area when finished so other guests use them too. Don’t walk off with the souvenirs. Whenever all the props have been used, ask the attendant if you can take one. It will be a disaster for the guests if the couple leaves with these props, since they have paid for them.

Be mindful of mess and damage in the booth

When posing with food, drinks, confetti, or flower petals, be careful not to create a big mess or stain the backdrop if possible. Try to leave the booth area clean for the next users. Don’t hang or pull too hard on props that could break delicate accessories or the booth itself. Accidents happen, but be conscientious and treat the photo booth with care, just as you would any other wedding element the couple spent money on. Alert the attendant about anything broken or dirty so they can clean it or repair it promptly. If you are interested in more information, visit

Remember you represent the couple

The most important thing to remember is that the images and antics within the photo booth represent the bride and groom. So, enjoy yourself, but use sound judgment to create photo booth moments the couple will smile over in their album. The photo fun will keep spinning all through the celebration if you follow these tips!

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